Top100 Aller Tijden
Last update: 04/01/05

Next broadcast: Good Friday, March 25, 2005

The All Time Top 100 was created by Radio Veronica in 1968. The Dutch radiostation was, in that time, a free radiostation broadcasting from a ship in the Northsea.
Listeners can send in their all-time-favourite ten records. These records has to be at least one year old and the performer may be listed only once.
Veronica did put them together to a chart: The All Time Top 100. After the departure of Veronica the list has been taken over by Yorin FM.
This years list wil be broadcasted at Good Friday.
On this site you'll find every list published by Veronica and Yorin FM.

I created a list of all records in the AT Top 100, where number one gets 100 points, number two 99 aso. Please find this list under "points list" on the first page.

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